Wallpaper Color Inspiration

We all have our little mini obsessions and mine this week is this amazing Bennison paper "Phoenix."  I am in love with this wallpaper -- and it looks terrific in this powder room.  I had this tealish blue color in my mind's eye today when I sat down today to figure out new colorways for wallpaper at work…

And I kept thinking about it when I got home.  Although I have a million and one things I need to do in my house (and repapering my existing powder room is not among them) I have this terrible urge to find a new wallpaper for my powder room and this is high on the list.
I wish I could give credit to the person who designed this bathroom…
Please let me know if you have any idea...


Markham Roberts' Book Signing

Such a busy week that I am just now getting an opportunity to post the photos from Markham Roberts book signing at Meg Braff's fabulous shop in Locust Valley.  It was such a pleasure to meet the talented and charming Markham Roberts and his partner, art and antiques dealer, James Sansum.  Meg Braff was as usual a charming hostess and it was a wonderful evening…If you had not had a chance to get a copy of his book, Decorating the Way I See It, you can get it here.

Markham Roberts signing away….photo by Cali Ross
One of my favorite decorators, Markham Roberts and his partner, the charming Jame Sansum (left), photo by Cali Ross
The lovely Meg Braff (center) and her husband Doug Braff (Right) with friend, photo by  Cali Ross

Meg Braff (right) with Amal Kapen, photo by Cali Ross

Markham Roberts at Locust Valley book signing, photo by Cali Ross

Markham Roberts and Amal Kapen 
Luis Callo and Lisa Negulic, photo by Cali Ross

Meg Braff's team (old and new) left to right, Lisa Negulic, Cali Ross (PR and administration), Amal Kapen and Meredith Lewis 

Meg Braff Designs, Locust Valley, NY; photo by Cali Ross

Meg Braff Designs, Locust Valley, NY; photo by Cali Ross