Before and After Bungalow Living Room

  A little paint goes a long way…This 1939 Bungalow was dark and dreary.   Too much wood, a drab and uninspired monochromatic color scheme and not enough upholstery made this room cold and uninviting.  But with a little Benjamin Moore paint (Horizon 1478), some new Brunschwig fabric and a few other tweaks; presto --  a new room (well almost).

I am a big fan of skirted upholstered pieces like the settee above, it helps ground the room in tandem with a floor covering.  Bruschwig Shishi (below) was my inspiration for the room and the jumping off point: I love green and blue and I have to restrain myself from using too much of it. 


  1. Amal,
    Fantastic job!
    You are so talented and bright!

  2. Saw the sneak peek on your Instagram feed. Love the simplicity and the color palette! Great work!