Meg Braff and Lenox Hill Showhouse

Everything at the showhouse is for sale at www.megbraffdesigns.com
or visit her amazing store at 92 Forest Ave, Locust Valley,  New York
I have been busy at work at Meg Braff's "apartment" at the Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse at the W Residences.  It was my first showhouse and really fun to do (especially if you love hard work!).

If you are in the New York area please visit  123 Washington Street, New York #55G:   It opens this Friday.

Meg Braff is wonderful to work with: she has great ideas, incredible vision, is super talented and is wonderful about collaborating.  I have been working my tail off with the whole MBD team for the past 5 weeks (yes, we did it in 5 weeks!) to get it together and and we couldn't be happier.  Most of the items in the space are vintage or custom designed.  For example, the headboard is pagoda inspired and most of the fabrics are custom colored from Meg's Philip Graf archives in her yet to be debuted Meg Braff Designs Fabrics Collection.

Here is a little about the inspiration for the Showhouse:

Meg Braff’s apartment showhouse is a tribute to one of her favorite inspirations: James Mont and his brand of Hollywood mid-Century design.   
James Mont was a notorious, flamboyant, mid-century New York based interior and furnishing designer whose client rolls included gangsters Lucky Luciano, movie stars Bob Hope and Lana Turner as well as composer Irving Berlin.  Mont had a red hot temper and was regarded as a scoundrel, but also a design genius. His work was rarely photographed and all that we have left of his legacy are his lavish and unique furnishings.

Mont’s design aesthetic was dramatic: it included lacquered pieces, exotic finishes, smoked mirrors, lots of gilt and silver and over the top Asian motifs.  Mont's mark on mid-century decorations, his exotic sense of style and relentless self-promotion made Asian-style modernism popular.  Meg chose Mont as her inspiration in this space so as to showcase her attraction to exotic modernism and highlight her fabulous reinvented mid-century fabrics and wallcoverings.
To read more about James Mont, click here.

The showhouse opens this Friday, May 16th! Don't miss it!
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff. Headboard is custom "Nanking"; Bedbase is "Menton"
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff. Meg Braff grasscloth on walls
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff 

Meg Braff Designs "York",  Split Pea on Linen

Meg Braff Designs, "Forbidden City" Green, Brown and Yellow on Silk. 

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  1. Hi,
    Wow, I love every room in that home. Her use of color is fearless. And she executes Meg Braff Designs "York", style to perfection! I'm looking forward to seeing more of her work.
    Lamp Bring Modern