Billy Baldwin and Some Modern Slipper Chairs

Lately I have been on the hunt for a pair of slipper chairs for a posh pad in Southampton, NY, and had to share some of my favorite finds.  Billy Baldwin, who created and popularized the style, was the inspiration of my search.  I just received the book "Billy Baldwin: the Great American Decorator"  and found myself sucked into the wee hours of the night reading  several of his lectures from 1974.  He famously loved slipper chairs and used them everywhere and  by "the dozen."  He credited his former boss, Ruby Ross Woods, for creating the larger, armless arm chair that he reduced in scale and made his own.  Easy to move around, Baldwin considered the upholstered slipper chair the perfect conversation seat that can accommodate "big men with long legs...and small women with short legs..."  Of course they had to be skirted as he felt that too many legs in a room made it look restless and uncomfortable. I have to confess I don't mind a little leg peaking out...

The Ventry Ltd. and Bernhardt ones are my favorites!

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