Tom Scheerer's New Book

After seeing Layford Cay Club Photos a while back, I was an instant Tom Scheerer fan.  It was the scale and sheer beauty of the main room below that entranced me --- seeing it, I knew it would remain one of my favorite spaces and Tom Scheerer one of my favorite decorators.   I eagerly awaited his new book, "Tom Scheerer Decorates", by Mimi Read and published by Vandome Press and was thrilled to get it this week.  So many things impressed me about the book and I have been soaking up the pages nightly.  I am fascinated by the way his houses look organic and current: Each room looks like it was put together over time, yet still looks coherent, fresh and current.  I love how he mixes old and new: tulip tables with fretwork chairs and bamboo tables and his outdoor spaces are divine.  His choices of fabrics are perfect.  You can get his book here...

Love this unpretentious entry to the loggia.  Red fretwork railing, antique elm table and well worn hats make this space sublimely inviting.

Where to start in this amazing bedroom. Simple chic brass bed, quadrille fabric on the chairs. Understated but powerful.

Love the Billy Balwin slipper chair, fabrics and middle eastern touches. So well edited.

The Quadrille Fabric on the Sofa and chair is to die for.