Wheat Sconces - and the Post Elle Decor Photos


Wheat sconces flank the fireplace in Candace Bushnell (of Sex and the City fame) former (?) Manhattan Apartment via Elle Decor, photos by William Waldron

This post is two fold: First, I love these brass wheat sconces -- they are placed perfectly in Candace Bushnell's apartment, and second, check out the Elle Decor photos of Ms. Bushnell's apartment verses the ones that were listed a few years later on a real estate site.

First, those wheat sconces are great, but one caveat: you need to give them a lot of space to breath or they can look too busy and overwhelming.  They are placed perfectly in Candace Bushnell's Manhattan apartment flanking the fireplace above -- just enough room all the way around.    Below are some sources for these little treasures (the non-electrified variety)...

On a side note: What do you think of the bookshelves?  They are almost too perfect and too decorated for me, but I do love pink.

Wheat sconces  in Candace Bushnell's  Apartment via Elle Decor, photos by William Waldron

High Street Market Wheat Sconce $145

Wheat Sconce from Chesea House $220.

Second, Images from during a photo shoot and later, from a real estate site looking to sell Ms. Bushnell's apartment. Photo for Elle Decor on top, Photos for the listing agent below.  Interestingly enough, Ms. Bushnell put her apartment on the market for $2.8m in the fall of 2012. I should have called this post the before and after photo shoot because the listing pictures are very different from the Elle Decor spread.   The top two Elle Decor photos show the opposite wall from in her living room with  different seating options (settees), and sans table, floor lamp, flowers and screen. The following two photos show the post Elle Decor photos which include chesterfield sofas -- also missing those finishing layers that made the space so appealing...which do you prefer?

ED Spread is very different from the listing photos below
Candace Bushell's Apartment in RE listing website is missing those layers that made it look so fabulous in the ED spread
opposite view


  1. I really love the use of color on the book shelves... especially the Dark pink book jackets! Wonderful Blog..following!
    xo Karolyn

  2. I love the first set. How great would it be to have an apartment like that?

  3. In the listing photos, it seems as if they stripped the apartment of all it's personality to appeal to a larger audience. Which is understandable but even still, I'm much more in love with the "before" than the "after". I feel like the clean straight lines of those huge chunky chesterfields box you in. And while they may be plush and comfortable, they don't appear to be nearly as welcoming or as comfortable as those curvy settees in the first pictures.