Mario Buatta's New Book

Courtesy of the New York Times

In design school I had a teacher who loved Mario Buatta and used to talk about the "king of chinz" constantly -- this teacher had come to know him briefly in the gogo 1980s and to him, Mr. Buatta personified everything a refined decorator should be.   I have to agree that Mr. Buatta is extremely talented, that is why I was thrilled to see a new book celebrating his 50-year (and counting) career.  It seems everyone has a book these days, even decorators that don't decorate much!  That is why it was so shocking to realize that  this was Mr. Buatta's first and (probably only) book.  I am sure you know his work, but if you do not, he is well known for his love of chinz  as well as his mix of luxurious fabrics, well chosen antiques and divine color schemes that create a lived in luxury that is nothing short of opulent.  This anglofile decorator reinvented the English Country House style  for clients such as Henry Ford II, Barbara Walters, Malcolm Forbes, and Mariah Carey.    Check out this interesting article in the New York Times about his career...and after that head on over to amazon to purchase his book.

You can purchase his book here
Mr. Buatta's book. is apparently over 400 pages long and is like an encyclopedia if his work.

Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta

Mario Buatta

I met Mr. Buatta at a Showhouse event last year, and although I am an absolute nobody, he was a lovely, engaging individual who was full of life and funny as could be...a real gentleman.