Favorite Furniture Websites

Outside the general catalogue sites we all have a favorite website to troll window shop for furniture and decorative accessories.  I thought I would I share some of the places I cruise to scope out new offerings of case pieces and decorative accessories ... This is not a comprehensive list, and if you have a favorite that is not here, please share!

1.  Tonic Home Tonic Home is a home furnishing online shop offering stylish home accessories, furniture, gifts and wall decor.
ART from Natural Curiosities

2.  Zinc Door -  A curated collection of furnishings and decor -- founded by the same folks who founded Layla Grace.

3.  Shop Candelabra - The focus of this store is lighting, but they also carry many of the better know casegoods brands (just like the other sites listed here).  They offer items at every price point, and I have a soft spot for them because they were founded in Charleston, SC., and I love that little city.

4.  Lala Grace - The alter ego of Zinc Door is Layla Grayce (shop known for its mix of traditional, cottage, European and coastal decor both founded by Wendy Rossiter Estes and Tiffany Grayce Harris. 

5.  Philmichael - This should be your first stop in your hunt for garden stools.

6. Circa Lighing - The retail source for Visual Comfort, this site has many of my favorite flush mount and wall sconce fixtures...

7. High Street Market - Love their accessories.

8. Etsy is a great place to find unusal and vitage finds...I always stop by the Pink Pagoda's shop to see what's new in her print and porcelain collections....


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  1. Nice post.Mostly I like High Street Market & Zinc Door very much.Its really attractive.