Jim Thompson Fabrics OMG.

I had to share some absolutely gorgeous fabric I spotted from Jim Thompson (The Thai Silk Company).  Jim Thompson was a designer and textile colorist credited with almost single handily saving the Thai silk industry in the 1950s-60s.  He disappeared without a trace from the Cameron Highlands in 1967 and the mystery of his disappearance endures today.  The fabric below is from the company that takes his name...In a word, fantastic.

My favorite, "Enter the Dragon" -- a linen fabric that must be seen in person to appreciate its beauty, simply stunning.


QINGLONG -- for all the blue and white lovers out there.
CHINESE STEPS - great supporting fabric.

MAGILAN, I am always on the hunt for a Fabulous Ikat.

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  1. I love these fabrics, too Amal. I was thrilled this summer to get to work with a designer on prints to match the Qinglong.