Into the Woods: Faux Bois Craze

 Faux Bois is everywhere these days, it just can't be ignored.  Faux bois is the French term for "false wood" and refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media (textiles, metal, plaster etc.)  Most faux bois is wood grain patterns, though it also includes things like like logs, roots, branches (including bamboo) and bark.  I also found a blog called It's (K)not Wood entirely devoted to faux bois. Fantastic.  I am partial to the Made Goods lantern, the last mirror and the floor lamp, what do you think?
Driftwood Lantern BoBo Intriguing Objects
Trina, Made Goods. Two sizes: 20" high x 18" diameter  $1665.00 or 33" high x 29" diameter  $2700.00

Global Views dining table $2,247.50 42" d

Oly Twig Mirror $2,400


White Faux Bois Floor Lamp $875

   Jump on the bandwagon with these bargain faux bois times:

Ballard Designs $199

White High Faux Bois Table (via decor pad) at High Fashion Home $359


  1. I love this look and that it brings an "earthy" quality to any space.
    xo Nancy

  2. I really love this look. It is the only thing I can't find on CL. It is usually out of my price range. I'm going to check out that blog.

    1. Linda, if anyone can figure out the DIY, it's you! :)