In Search of the Perfect Settee

Crazy times here kids.  Too much to do, not enough time.  As I have mentioned before, I work for a well known decorator who keeps me mucho busy -- lately I have been involved in helping  with the designs for her upcoming furniture line, new wallpapers and fab new fabrics -- all very exciting.

Working on all this new furniture has got me thinking a lot about my own unfinished spaces -- my living room in particular which I have put off redoing because I keep thinking we are going to move.   I am going to have to bite the bullet and tackle my own space.

First up on the list of wants is a small sofa or a settee.  The problem is, it is so difficult to find small scale sofas -- everything is always way too big -- either too high, too deep or too wide for my tastes.  I say settee, because that is the scale I am after, yet when I think of a settee, I always think of uncomfortable wood framed number, which is what I have and want to get rid of...I want a small sofa, low back, say 30"-32", low simple arms and something that is no deeper than 33" or wider than 60".

Some catalogue companies have dubbed this kind of settee a "sofette"  which I think is an apt description, even if the name is a little cheesy.

Here is what I am liking these days, none of which entirely fit the bill:

This is a the Hickory Chair MacDonald Sofa designed by none other than Alexa Hampton.  I love this sofa, and they can make it to measure (meaning any length)  it is 35" high and 36" deep. Would be lovely with a bench seat, but I worry if I cut it too short that it might look like an over sized chair and that would not do!

Another Hickory Chair option is the Marler Apartment Sofa, at  34.5"high x 68"wide  x 37.5"deep it gets closer size-wise.  
Hickory has more great Made to Measure options including this  Leigh Made to Measure.  I could go armless, but it hast to be fab.  It is 35" high, 36.5" deep and can be made any length.  

Although I am not a huge fan of tufting, this little number from Wesley Hall looks inviting.  The measurements are not bad at 68.5 wide, and 34" high, but 38" deep is a bit deep. 
Here is that Odette sofette that is made by a few folks, including Williams Sonoma and Bob Gold & Mitchell Williams.  Not so crazy about the legs. While the width and depth are good, the back is too high. 54"wide 36"deep 36"high.

This sofa is from Vanguard. Nicely proportioned

  •  52" wide, 
  • 35.5 high,
  • 35" deep

  • Ooh, now this is as close to a winner as I have seen the A. Rudin 2600, 60" wide, 30" deep and (drumroll please) 32" high!  Very nice looking option.  

    What do you think, any ideas?

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    1. Two years ago, I was in the same quandary. We searched high and low (literally) and ended up reupholstering our "who cares" thrift store vintage sofa. It has a very low back and is not a mile deep. The lines are fabulous and I chose a simple charcoal woven for the fabric.Total cost was under $1500.