Hollywood Regency Inspired Bamboo Furniture

Do you all remember Lilly Pulitzer furniture -- well sad to say, I believe it is no longer in production (according to a post on HFI Brands Facebook page).  Oh well. Maybe they will sell the division and we will see a revival.  I have  been looking for fun Hollywood Regency inspired bamboo furniture and I found a few pieces from Lexington that were not half bad. I thought I would share:
Reminds me of  an Oomph Table

Definitely channeling 60s patio furniture. Love.

Cute bar cart (have you seen the new Serena & Lilly catalogue? They have a similar one)

Reminds me of that Lily or  Bungalow5 Dining table

Cool dining table

Something you would see in a little girls room.

As an antique, this would be fab.  If the finishes are off, it could be disastrous.


  1. I love Lily furniture. I also love anything bamboo. Great finds.

  2. I like most of these Lexington pieces a lot! I'm glad to know about them -- need to go to the showroom!

  3. I love the bamboo coffee table. I am looking for one just like it for a client. Any recommendations?

    1. Hi, so sorry I took so long to reply: the coffee table above is Lexington Henry Link Jakarta Rattan Cocktail Table.

    2. Also try Redford House and Sarrid. Good luck!