Mary McDonald's Fabrics with Schumacher

I met with the Schumacher Fabric rep the other day, and maybe I have had my head in the sand, but have just seen Mary McDonald's fabric.  The line includes these huge DeGournay inspired fabric panels, would look great on a wall, as drapes or bedding.  The repeat is 131.5" and a full 54" wide. Wow.  Leave it to Mary to make a statement.   I also love the Garden of Persia print.  Take a look:

Mary McDonald, Chinois Palais, Aquamarine  

Mary McDonald, Chinois Palais,  Tangerine

Mary McDonald, Chinois Palais, Lettuce 

Mary McDonald from Schumacher, Garden of Persia, Bleu Marine

Mary McDonald from Schumacher, Park Ave Python


Crazy for Scallops

  Scalloped edges were a really big trend on clothing the past few seasons years and it is trending big on everything from kitchen design to lighting these days...

1. Coleen & Company The Scalloped Lantern; 2 Coleen & Comany, The Toel Tent Lantern; 3. Coleen and Company, The Scalloped Flush Mount; 4. Circa Lighting; 5. Oomph scalloped Raffia Chair; and 6 This table comes in  a range of colors from Ambiente by Martin Wood
Oomph Raffia Side Chair looks lovely in person.

I just adore these lanterns from Coleen and Company.


Linen Wrapped Cocktail Tables

 I am always in search of a great coffee table and always find my way back to linen wrapped tables. The one thing I have found with lots of coffee tables, is they are always too tall -- I like a nice low table, the way they made them in the 60's. Well the great thing about linen wrapped tables is that some companies customize them like Art Applications.   Also, Matthews and Parker makes cool reproductions of some of my favorite furniture; below are a few tables that I am liking at the moment.

Matthews and Parker, Length: 48" Width: 32" Height: 17"

Ming Linen Wrapped Table by Art Applications


Fabulous Pierced Pendant Lamp

I am loving this little pendant light from Wunderly (17"hx17"d; Bronze or White, $245)-- it would look lovely in a powder room with Meg Braff's Ferns Wallpaper.
Meg Braff - Ferns



Into the Woods: Faux Bois Craze

 Faux Bois is everywhere these days, it just can't be ignored.  Faux bois is the French term for "false wood" and refers to the artistic imitation of wood or wood grains in various media (textiles, metal, plaster etc.)  Most faux bois is wood grain patterns, though it also includes things like like logs, roots, branches (including bamboo) and bark.  I also found a blog called It's (K)not Wood entirely devoted to faux bois. Fantastic.  I am partial to the Made Goods lantern, the last mirror and the floor lamp, what do you think?
Driftwood Lantern BoBo Intriguing Objects
Trina, Made Goods. Two sizes: 20" high x 18" diameter  $1665.00 or 33" high x 29" diameter  $2700.00

Global Views dining table $2,247.50 42" d

Oly Twig Mirror $2,400


White Faux Bois Floor Lamp $875

   Jump on the bandwagon with these bargain faux bois times:

Ballard Designs $199

White High Faux Bois Table (via decor pad) at High Fashion Home $359


Hollywood Regency Inspired Bamboo Furniture

Do you all remember Lilly Pulitzer furniture -- well sad to say, I believe it is no longer in production (according to a post on HFI Brands Facebook page).  Oh well. Maybe they will sell the division and we will see a revival.  I have  been looking for fun Hollywood Regency inspired bamboo furniture and I found a few pieces from Lexington that were not half bad. I thought I would share:
Reminds me of  an Oomph Table

Definitely channeling 60s patio furniture. Love.

Cute bar cart (have you seen the new Serena & Lilly catalogue? They have a similar one)

Reminds me of that Lily or  Bungalow5 Dining table

Cool dining table

Something you would see in a little girls room.

As an antique, this would be fab.  If the finishes are off, it could be disastrous.


In Search of the Perfect Settee

Crazy times here kids.  Too much to do, not enough time.  As I have mentioned before, I work for a well known decorator who keeps me mucho busy -- lately I have been involved in helping  with the designs for her upcoming furniture line, new wallpapers and fab new fabrics -- all very exciting.

Working on all this new furniture has got me thinking a lot about my own unfinished spaces -- my living room in particular which I have put off redoing because I keep thinking we are going to move.   I am going to have to bite the bullet and tackle my own space.

First up on the list of wants is a small sofa or a settee.  The problem is, it is so difficult to find small scale sofas -- everything is always way too big -- either too high, too deep or too wide for my tastes.  I say settee, because that is the scale I am after, yet when I think of a settee, I always think of uncomfortable wood framed number, which is what I have and want to get rid of...I want a small sofa, low back, say 30"-32", low simple arms and something that is no deeper than 33" or wider than 60".

Some catalogue companies have dubbed this kind of settee a "sofette"  which I think is an apt description, even if the name is a little cheesy.

Here is what I am liking these days, none of which entirely fit the bill:

This is a the Hickory Chair MacDonald Sofa designed by none other than Alexa Hampton.  I love this sofa, and they can make it to measure (meaning any length)  it is 35" high and 36" deep. Would be lovely with a bench seat, but I worry if I cut it too short that it might look like an over sized chair and that would not do!

Another Hickory Chair option is the Marler Apartment Sofa, at  34.5"high x 68"wide  x 37.5"deep it gets closer size-wise.  
Hickory has more great Made to Measure options including this  Leigh Made to Measure.  I could go armless, but it hast to be fab.  It is 35" high, 36.5" deep and can be made any length.  

Although I am not a huge fan of tufting, this little number from Wesley Hall looks inviting.  The measurements are not bad at 68.5 wide, and 34" high, but 38" deep is a bit deep. 
Here is that Odette sofette that is made by a few folks, including Williams Sonoma and Bob Gold & Mitchell Williams.  Not so crazy about the legs. While the width and depth are good, the back is too high. 54"wide 36"deep 36"high.

This sofa is from Vanguard. Nicely proportioned

  •  52" wide, 
  • 35.5 high,
  • 35" deep

  • Ooh, now this is as close to a winner as I have seen the A. Rudin 2600, 60" wide, 30" deep and (drumroll please) 32" high!  Very nice looking option.  

    What do you think, any ideas?