NY Gift Fair Trends 2013

I attended the New York International Gift Fair at Javis Center and the 94th St Piers this past Tuesday, and I thought I would share some quick thoughts.

Some Tips when attending the show (January and August)
If you are going to go, register ahead (you'll need resale certificate & business cards) and you will not have to pay.  As a rule, home furnishings and things decorators are most interested in are generally at Pier 94, but there is a lot of art, accessories and textiles at the Javis Center (which tends to be more geared toward the retailer).  If you go the last day, there is lots for sale off the floor.  The show, which takes place twice a year, is huge and is best seen over two days.

I did not see a whole lot of new things this year.  Asian (chinoiserie) and Middle Eastern influences reigned supreme.  There was quite of bit of mid-century influences in furniture as well.   Lots of natural elements, tons of rope lamps, ottomans, rattan chairs and unusual baskets.  Lacquered tables, trays and boxes are still popular with brass and chrome accents -- brass/gold being the most popular.  Speaking of which, I thought I would see lots of bolder brass objects, but I did not.   There was quite of bit of horn, as well as lucite accessories and rock crystal lamps.  Plaster (flat white finishes) also made an appearance in mirrors and accessories.

Indigo was a popular color, especially in textiles and art.  Hermes orange was still big, and surprisingly (or not so surprisingly) there was not as many green things as you would expect with Pantone naming emerald color of the year.

In art, abstract everything was big.  Room and fashion illustrations are also popular --- Two's Company  devoted an entire wall to room interior illustrations.

Tommy Mitchell fabulous 9' brass sculpture

Rope side table at Matahari

Matahari woven chair (Oomph had a more refined version that was beautiful in person, but my picture did not pan out)

Painted rattan chair

Home Emporium - loving both the chair, table and chest

Home Emporium

Jonathan Adler Side lacquered side table trimmed in brass
Jonathan Adler Lucite Etagere with brass trim. Love.

Two's Company Photo image of Leopard on Canvas 
Kim Seybert really hit it out of the park with these fabulous linens and table top accessories.

Kim Seybert Over the top pagoda placemat.

Kim Seybert pagoda napkin and placemat

Fur and brass stool -- there were lot of fur stools and rugs

Abstract and stylized fashion prints all in one shot.

Wicker side chair

Rattan Side Chair

Lovely lamps by Emporium Home 

Lucite side table

Jonathan Adler Pagoda Lamp

I have been really into Cisco sofas lately, and they were there.  

Worlds Away - great pagoda lamp 
Grace & Blake -- Lucite furniture and antlers

Rock Crystal Lamps

Oomph had some new upholstery to show

Oomph large wall sconces (they hand lanterns too)

Pigeon & Poodle (new sister company to Made Goods) had some fabulous bath accessories including this sea urchin inspired collection called Hilo

Worlds Away Pagoda lamps -- can be customized 

 That is all for now!  Enjoy...

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  1. I wanted to go in the worst way. I applied as "press" and they were not nice about it. That animal rug is perfect to DIy that ottoman we like. Do you know anything about it?