I Love a Bargain -- High-Low Ceramic Lamps

Overstock $139 (27" H)
Christopher SpitzmillerLouisa Lamps $2,505 (each) (16.5" H)
Lighting is crucial to a room, nothing sets the mood like good illumination.  That is why the upcoming ban on incandescent light bulbs kills me -- incandescent bulbs give off the best, most flattering light while their florescent counterparts make me want to weep.  Anyway, a lovely way to light a room is with lamps. My all time favorites lamps are made by Christopher Spitzmiller, nothing beats the quality of their hardware, the beautiful color of their hand colored ceramic bodies or the fantastic shades. That said, not everyone can (or wants) to drop $2,000 on a lamp (inlcuding me!), so here are some bargain alternatives.  I can say that the Bungalow 5 and Robert Abbey Lamps are great lamps -- good quality and well priced.  I have never seen those Overstock lamps in person, but the prices are enticing...

Bungalow 5 Lamp  $480 (31"H)

Bungalow 5 lamps are wonderful quality lamps, the bases, hardware and shades are lovely. The lamps below are from Overstock, and I have never seen them in person.

Overstock $199 pair (30.5" H)

Overstock $199 pair (30.5" H)

Christopher Spitzmiller Double Gourd Lamp $1940 (each) (16" H)

Robert Abbey $205 (22"h)

Overstock pair $224.99 (26.5" H)


  1. I love Overstock, and have never been disappointed. I don't know if I will ever spend 2K on a pair of lamps.

  2. I love post that show HI-LOW elements, these are all great examples of how you can get a designer look for less,

    1. Hi Kathysue, Love your blog, thanks for the comment!