It's a jungle out there...

Zebra has been around a while, I mean a really long time.  The use of animal skins in interior decorating has a long and distinguished history dating back centuries.  It recently made a comeback a few years ago and still seems to be going strong.  As crazy as it seems, that classic black and white almost geometric quality of the zebra makes it a cool match for a wide array of interiors and styles. It can go classic or crazy.  It does seem to be everywhere, but despite this I still love Zebra -- especially paired with neutrals or even in a crazy Moroccan theme...So what do you think...too trendy and close to the exit or is it here to stay a while longer?

living rooms - glam zebra  Jan Showers   Pretty color palate with zebra rug
Jan Showers via decor pad

dens/libraries/offices - zebra black  Damiano Biellas black and white library.
Damiano Biellas black and white library.
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living rooms - green silk drapes blue antique Chinese lamp zebra cowhide rug black coffee table  elizbeth culter  green blue silk drapes, sofa,
elizbeth culter
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living rooms - Zebra Cowhide Rug coffee table sofa striped blue white bergere chairs walnut chest lamp mirror ivory drapes taupe  Beautiful Living
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Beach House eclectic living room

living room eclectic living room


living room eclectic living room

Hollywood Residence eclectic living room

Staircase traditional staircase

Greenwich Residence traditional bedroom

Habersham project traditional family room

Pacific Heights Exuberance eclectic living room

Hallway traditional hall

Living Room modern living room


via apartment therapy

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eliware: I love everything about it  Simply swooning over this living space from Lisa Epley
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Well, hello there...

I started this blog as a place to share my latest design fancies and to muse about art and beautiful interiors.  My design aesthetic is somewhat eclectic -- it has classical roots with a modern flair. I love mixing comfort and beauty; the ideal space to me is inviting, cheerful, layered and embodies a relaxed, unpretentious elegance. 
I have always had a love of fine art and painting – a gift from my talented artist mother, Lucelle Raad  http://www.thewonderofchildren.com/.  My childhood was filled the comings and goings of a bohemian artist  --- I grew up running around art shows and helping with the family art business.  Although art was in my blood, I ended up going to law school and  and practiced transactional law until the birth of my first boy (I have two).  Life as a Bartleby the Scrivener type did not suit me -- I was drawn to art and design and a natural people person.  Following some soul searching, I decided to succumb to my addiction to beautiful interiors, forgo law, and return to school to study interior design. 
Since 2012, I have had the good fortune of working at the right hand of one of my favorite decorators, the lovely and talented
Meg Braff.  Whilst with Meg, I have had my hand in every aspect of her design business, from residential design projects to a myriad of business issues --- and I have loved every moment.  

My wonderful husband, two boys and I live in the Huntington, NY area, in a cottage overlooking a lovely little harbor.  In addition to interior design, I love getting my hands dirty in the garden, being on the water and cooking.  A  favorite haunt is a fabric showroom or an art show, and I can barely refrain from passing an antique shop without going in. Whenever I enter a friend's house, I start mentally rearranging the furniture (after a few drinks at a party, this sometimes makes it into reality!).

Thanks so much for stopping by to read more about me.  I hope that you enjoy the topics and pictures, and would love to hear your thoughts and comments, so please share. 

If you would like to get in touch or have a question, feel free to email me at sybariticspaces@gmail.com.