Treillage DYI Stencilling (Quadrille Trellis Walls)

In case you missed it, and since I am on the theme of Trelliage, I had to share this incredible DYI stenciling by Danka of Gorgeous Shiny Things.  Linda, my blogging friend from My Crafty Home Life sent me the link and I am gobsmacked by the talent and perseverance of Danka! Amazing,  in the first picture she tackled her walls, in the second, her floors.  This all made sense when I found out about her company, O'verlays™, which makes applications to jazz up blah furniture and give it a chic mid-century feel. I know this has made the rounds, but it is so impressive I think it's worth a mention.  

Gorgeous Shiny Things offers an amazing how to tutorial here if you want to try and attempt this (good luck!)

And how about these floors?  Incredible patience and vision.  Check it out here.
Two application's by O'verlays™, Check them out here.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out. Danika is so nice, I can't hate her....otherwise I would. That girl gets more done in a month than I do in a year.