Some fun Treillage Walls: Wallpaper Inspiration

While we are on the theme of Treillage (lattice, trellis work, whatever you want to call it), I thought I would share some of my favorite wall coverings and include a few pictures for inspiration...

A painted ceiling in a NYC residence:

Treillage ceiling by Decorative Imaging
Leta Austin Foster & Associates, NY -- it looks like wallpaper, but I think it is painted. Maybe it is period molding with wallpaper. What do you think?

A show house bedroom by Elizabeth Dinkel Design Associates
How about this vintage Bob Collins "Chinese Lattice" paper....
Bob Collins Wallpaper, a style made popular recently by Quadrille

Mark Hampton

Quadrille Wallpaper "Edo"

Quadrille Wallpaper "Trellis Background" (the one that looks like Bob Collins'  Chinese Latticework) powder room by Tom Scheerer

Quadrille  again in a custom color, via Coastal Living

Meg Braff  -- Bob Collins Chinese Trelliage wallpaper or Quadrille?
Manuel Canovas Trellis Wallpaper in a room by Eileen Katherine Boyd in Lonny Magazine

asian wallpaper by Beth Connolly
Thibaut Spring Lake Bamboo Lattice Wallpaper in Coral

Meg Braff - Brighten Your Pavillion this is a big print 
Width: 27"
Horizontal Repeat: 27"
Vertical Repeat: 27"

Meg Braff Norforlk

Width: 27"
Horizontal Repeat: 13.5"
Vertical Repeat: 15.75"

Meg Braff Sampan

Width: 28.5"
Horizontal Repeat: 14"
Vertical Repeat: 14"

Meg Braff - Trelliage

Width: 27.5"
Horizontal Repeat: 3"
Vertical Repeat: 3"

Meg Braff Un Reve De Chin

Schumacher Trellis Print -Pool

York Wallcoverings - Lattice Sidewall
York Wallcoverings - Bamboo Trellis
Entryway by designer Sandra Morgan

Tyler Hall Wallpaper


  1. These papers are out of this world. I love the Scalamandre and the Meg Braff. This brings the lattice treatment up to date. I did a kitchen in real lattice 20 years ago for a client..Have a wonderful weekend!
    xo Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy! I love real lattice on the walls, I would love to see that. Hope things are not too crazy for you! Enjoy Christmas wit your family : )

  2. I just realized my fried used one of the wallpapers. http://seekersbazaar.blogspot.com/

    1. Hi ho! Love Sampan, and I think it is coming in other colorways in the spring (fingers crossed). Love the mylar, very hip. And I so love that green island! Can't wait to see it when it's completed. : )

  3. Beautiful images....I love the look....and have you seen Ana Spiro's modernized version? http://www.adoremagazine.com/blog/2012/5/25/anna-spiros-new-wallpaper-collection.html

    1. That is pretty paper, I need to add another to the lattice wallpaper entries! Thanks. A

  4. Amal, I LOVE all of these. I need to think of a room in my house that can handle some pattern!