Did you see this coming?

Pantone Chooses Emerald Green as the Color of 2013

Okay, adore green, but did you see this coming? Emerald would not have been high on the list of color choices for me for color of 2013, but here it is, and I have to say, I love green, but color of the year?  I guess that is why they are not paying me the big bucks as a color forecaster.

Pantone says "Emerald for Interiors
Enhance your sense of well-being at home by rejuvenating the interior with Emerald paint, accents and accessories. This jewel-like hue will create a luxurious feel in an entryway, powder room, dining room or study, and bring life to a living room as an accent wall. Add a splash of color to the kitchen and dining room areas with Emerald dinnerware, stemware and appliances."

So how about some green for your Walls a la Meg Braff:

Up a Tree, Bamboo Green, Meg Braff Designs

 Green on Cream,  Meg Braff Designs

Brighten your Pavilion, Jungle on White -- Meg Braff 
Ferns, Meg Braff

Meg Braff

Meg Braff
Tobi Fairley 

Frances Schultz’s “Bee Cottage” in East Hampton

Miles Redd's Green Kitchen

I am lusting after this lush green mohair settee

How about these babies for you laundry room?

Love malachite green

I fell into the Pinterest Rabbit Hole and came up with an image without a name...

Mr. Miles Redd

Same Pinterest Rabbit Hole, no name.  Love this Bar Cart with the Green Gin Bottle and the malachite green window treatments.

You can't go wrong with green De Gournay hand painted wallpaper 
Emily Clark

Trina Turk

Glossy Green Entryway, love the pearl-silver ceiling.  Pincus Residence in San Francisco via Chinoiserie Chic

Miles Redd 

Kelly Wearsler
Christina Murphy


  1. Green is my favorite color. I have loved it for a long time, only I have never decorated with it. Because of malachite, I am not surprised that it was chosen as color of the year. Obviously, Meg and Tobi have been using it for some time.

  2. I have never liked green, and teal was as close as I ever got. But I am somehow wearing this emerald color and now on board with it, in the most saturated form..lovely images. Happy new year to you !
    Xo Nancy