Chinoiserie Chic's take on Mary McDonald's office

   Beth Connelly of Chinoiserie Chic writes one of the most inspiring blogs on chinoiserie style and I have to mention her post today because I love the mock up of an office she styled for Mary McDonald. Beth's post was a real head turner for me because I am totally obsessed with two things she choose:  (1) Meg Braff's Wallpaper Un Reve de Chine in White on Silver Mylar and (2)  Vintage Fornasetti Leopard Ottoman.  Here are her picks:

Chinoiserie Chic's picks for Mary McDonald's Office
Mary McDonald's current office
I have been obsessed with that Fornasetti ottoman since I saw it in a photo spread for Rutie Sommer's house:

The vintage Fornasetti Ottoman adds just the right amount of leopard -- I am so dying to find one!


  1. I love that ottoman, too. I am thinking about DIY-ing one.

  2. OMG! Would so love to see this. FYI Two's Company had these canvas leopard photo outlines that could probably work for something like that. They looked really good if you didn't touch it! Ha! That said, please a tutorial for us !!

    1. It looks like it is trade only? Do you have a link?

  3. Wow, Mary McDonald's office is awesome as it should be!