Alessandra Branca

  The fabulous Alessandra Branco has been dubbed a "passionate neoclassicist" by Elle Decor. Her bold rooms are comfortable, inviting and very current, despite her Greco-Roman leanings.  Here are some lovely images from her portfolio:
Alessandra Branca -- just adore these leopard benches in this yellow and peach and red room. Love the delicate peach damask on the chairs.

Alessandra Branca green and teal dining room

Alessandra Branca designed this aqua and cream with gold & black accented bedroom at the Peninsula Hotel in Beverly Hills

Alessandra Branca this woman can commit to prints! love it.

Alessandra Branca Is it Gracie wallpaper?  Love oval tables.

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca a classic yellow gold and red chinoiserie room

Alessandra Branca -- I love the idea of a dining room/library combination and the black molding is spectacular

Alessandra Branca brown and reddish pink. 

Alessandra Branca. Clean, airy and happy space

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca. This dressing room gives me a wicked case of closet envy

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca. Love the u-shaped sofa

Alessandra Branca

Alessandra Branca.  An all steel kitchen. Really good looking but I bet it shows every finger print which might put me over the edge.


  1. I love the dining room library. I would love a living room library. Maybe 2014 home goals.

  2. These rooms are amazing! I love the red setee throught the doorway! Have a wonderful weekend!