A sad weekend

   I have been a news junkie all my adult life, and in recent months found it to be much too depressing, so I have purposely avoided the news.  I am sickened and horrified by the events in Newtown, and I pray for the families affected.  It was not a tragedy, but a grossly criminal act by a soulless, evil individual (sick or not).  I also pray that the news vultures will have the decency to leave the town and those suffering alone -- but I know that will not happen -- I am sure they are on the move to exploit the grief of those who have lost what is most precious so that they can get the best possible ratings.  I absolutely refuse to post one picture from the events of that sad day.

Be well.


  1. The media has infiltrated every single facet of our life in much too invasive of a way. I agree leave this quiet town alone in their grief, get out all the cameras, news trucks, media..its become such a circus. IF they really cared about the people, they would show respect for them and their community and get out of there. Shame on them. Such sadness, my heart is heavy with this tremendous loss. I can only keep those families left grieving in my thoughts and prayers.

  2. I totally agree with you -- the invasiveness of the media has helped to usher in a world absent of civility and basic human dignity. To not allow them some peace in their grief is to pour salt in an open wound; folks need to curb their morbid curiosity and look away.