Vestibule Closet Inspiration

I was asked to come up with some ideas for a master bedroom suite that includes a fabulous walk in closet(s) and to got me thinking about some of my favorite vestibule closets -- meaning a closet that serves not just as a closet, but also as a hallway to the bathroom from the master suite.  I love closets that are lined with built-in wardrobes.
Here is Carrie Bradshaw's fantasy closet come to life on the Sex and City, movie set:

Carrie & Big's Closet Trivia: Did you know that a Long Island couple paid $175,000 to have this closet recreated in their house? 

The above closet is gorgeous, but the ones that I am thinking about have doors on both sides for a completely finished and tidy look:

I love the french doors with the fabric behind the panes of glass... 

This mirrored number is fantastic.

The closet from the movie "Somethings Gotta Give."

This is just lovely with the wardrobes framing the window.  

Tori Burch's Amazing Closet

This does not have a built-in wardrobe, but props for the chippendale chair in front of the window.
I love this for a casual home -- not too fussy for the beach and here is an example of louvers done right!  I need to attribute the above photos  -- forgive me! 

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