Hunkering Down for Sandy

I try not to get caught up in all the media hype about the impending storm, but of course we cannot ignore warnings considering we live so close to the water.  Luckily we are on a hill  -- far enough from the water, but windwise, we always take a beating as we are surrounded by many mature trees (oak, maple and pine).  I imagine we will loose power, hopefully it will not five days before we get it back  (as in August 2011) and we always pray that trees do not hit our house (or God forbid, that anyone is hurt). It is moments like this that I wish I had not put off getting a generator (or installing hurricane windows).

Calm before the storm, October 28, 2012

Below are some pictures from the aftermath in our neighborhood after Irene in August 2011....

The bridge at the end of the block, August 2011, waters receding (the bridge had disappeared during the storm)

Neighbors surveying the damage after the storm had passed in August 2011

Houses right on the water were flooded and one was condemned (they have not yet finished construction on the repairs).

Our neighbors lost many trees (two homes were hit by trees on our street). Including these two which were pulled up from their roots!

My thoughts and prayers are with everyone in Sandy's path.  I am going back to battening down the hatches : ).


  1. Good Luck, Amal. We lost power for 6 days last year, too. I have been cooking the food in my freezer for the last two days....gotta laugh. We have been told to expect to lose power, again. On the good side, wow you have a lovely view.

  2. Amal, I want to introduce you to Jen, http://cityfarmhouse.blogspot.com .I think you may live near her?

  3. Hi Amal, just wanting to check to see how you are. Jennifer