Bargain Asian Screens on My Mind

I am hunting for the perfect Chinese Screen for a client (36" x 72").  Here are three inspiration rooms by Meg Braff and Charlotte Moss:

Charlotte Moss-- I love this armless sofa and the darling footstools under the coffee table.  Red and green look lovely.

Charlotte Moss. Oh, I love the gold framed bamboo coffee table and the chintz loveseat.  
Meg Braff.  Love this room with the red accents and the klismos inspired ottoman.  Rattan etageres are fab (there is one on the other side not pictured).  

I am trying to keep costs down as much as possible and I thought I would share my budget conscious ideas with you.  First, nothing looks like an antique other than a real antique and the only places you can really get them is at auction or an estate sale.  So I am checking my luck at auction. That said, I am going to try using a source for new screens and see how I do... Oriental Furniture (an online retailer) has some attractive screens including these 3ft. x 6ft, hand painted ink and watercolor silk screens from  $129 - $199 plus shipping.  I have never ordered from them or seen them in person,  but I may have to break down and order. All the photos below come in 36" x 72" size or larger.  This top one is my first choice for the room I am doing.

Or how about this large screen:

This is really good looking, just large 72" x 72" and $ 285. See it here.

A second option I found is a super cheap option for a huge wall.  This is a paper mural that looks like an Asian screen (aka a poster).   It is a Heron Nesting Mural 4’ 5”  h x 12’ w -- Packaged in four (4)  poster panels.  These panels would look great mounted on foam core and framed (with non-glare glass) and placed on a wall or alternatively they can be placed in molding and used as wallpaper (perhaps with a glaze over them).   The posters are $66.38 with shipping.  Sorry for the terrible picture. I ordered them and they look like posters, but behind non-glare glass  (which makes everything look better) they could look really good.   Here is the Link: Mural

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