Beautiful furniture by Bunny Williams' Beeline Home

“If you love something, it will work.  That’s the only real rule.” 

– Bunny Williams

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home

Bunny Williams is probably the reigning queen of classical residential design.  Stephen Drucker, editor in chief of House Beautiful magazine, stated with respect to Ms. Williams: “She is one of the great decorators in the classical tradition that goes back to the roots of the profession. She lives the life of her clients; she understands how a house runs and what makes a room work; and her rooms are not meant to be ends in themselves, but instead a comfortable, sophisticated background for a rich, full life.” ("Bunny Williams, New York Times, NY, Times Topics, 9/08/2012). Bunny Williams rooms are timeless, beautiful and comfortable.

The new buzz about Bunny Williams is her fabulous line of furniture from Beeline Home, which includes everything from accessories to upholstered pieces.  The furniture is beautifully made (and all made in America!); the upholstered pieces are COM.  (When fabric is COM, it means "Customer's Own Materials"  -- your decorator orders it from a fabric house and the fabric shipped to the manufacturer -- that way each piece is unique and semi-custom).

 I love these pieces because they are unique and not something you will see everywhere.

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home

Bunny Williams from Beeline Home
Nailhead Sofa, Love the tight back on this sofa and the curves of the feminine base.
Beeline Home, Nailhead Sofa, 75”W x 39½”D x 37”H
John's Sofa is really appealing; love the clean lines and 30" height.
Beeline Home, John's Sofa, 80½”W x 33½”D x 30”H

Antoinette sofa, strong yet feminine in a not so fussy way. Love the fact that it is only 32" high. 
Beeline Home, Antoinette Settee, 72”W x 37”D x 32”H

Beeline Home, Antoinette Settee, side

Beeline Home, Pierre's Chair 34”W x 32”D x 34”H

Beeline Home, Star Chair, 24”W x 251⁄2”D x 34”H

Beeline Home, Parmount Chair, 20”W x 20”D x 40”H

2Beeline Home, Wescott Wing Chair, 30”W x 29½”D x 43”H
 Usually, I don't go for the tray + ottoman all in one -- but this works when the base of the tray is in a similar color to the surrounding fabric.  I also like its height.
Beeline Home, 48½"Square x 16½"H
How could you not love-love-love this Pagoda coffee table below -- also available in orange, apple green, black and white lacquer.
Beeline Home, Pagoda Table, 40”W x 24”D x 16”H. Also available in orange, apple green, black and white lacquer.

Beeline Home, Herringbone Drinks Table, 14”W x 16”D x 19”H
Beeline Home, Athena Bench, 47”W x 18”D x 21”H. Sadly, this klismos inspired bench has been discontinued
Beeline Home, Harvest Table, 48" Diameter, This comes with an Oak or Marble Top

Beeline Home, Mirrored Bunching Tables, 14”Square Top x 16”H.  These tables are so incredibly versatile -- you could do 4 in a smaller space to serve as a coffee table or 9 in a larger room. I would also love to see them lined up 4 in a row as a long narrow coffee table. 

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