Upholstered Chair Trend: The Slender arm

Aiden Grey Chair: 41"h x 36"d x 32"w

The chairs and sofas I am digging on recently all have diminutive, if not slender arms like the graceful curved arms on several of the chairs included in this post.  These have been trending for a while, and are really appealing.  Slender arms are so elegant and ladylike -- they really appeal to my romantic side. I really like the first chair below from the Mr. & Mrs. Howard's upholstered chair line; but a caveat: I would customize it (which is an option) with  nailheads on the bottom only and spaced about one inch apart -- or no nailheads at all. Oh, such great lines -- how about those arms!  The Straight back makes it more masculine, but still elegant.   I also wish the back was a tad shorter.  Also shown below are some reading chairs from Hickory Chair  and Aiden Grey also with slender arms (Aiden Grey above).
Mr. & Mrs. Howard -- love the classic appeal of the lines of the 

Cantilevered Arm Chair: 

Overall: W28 D35 H36 in.
Inside: W22 D24 H16 in.
Seat Height: 20 in.

Mr. &  Mrs. Howard  

Casper Arm Chair

Overall: W32 D38 H39 in.
Inside: W22 D24 H21 in.
Arm Height: 23 in.
Seat Height: 18 in.

Mr. & Mrs. Howard Gatsby Chair

Overall: W31 D37 H40 in.
Inside: W19 D23 H24 in.
Arm Height: 23 in.
Seat Height: 17 in.
Mr. & Mrs. Howard 

Summer Lounge Chair

Overall: W31 D34 H32 in.
Inside: W20 D23 H13 in.
Arm Height: 24 in.
Seat Height: 19 in.

These lovelies are from Hickory Chair:

 Eton Chair by Hickory Chair; This looks like it would be on the smaller size, 
but still pretty tall: 37.5"h x 34"w x 36.5"d
March Lounge Chair by Hickory Chair:  35"h x 33.5"w x 36"d

Marler Tufted Chair, Hooray, 

not too big: 34" x 32"x 37.5" d


Marler Chair from Hickory Chair, 

Untufted: 34.5"h x 32"w x 37.5"d

Aiden Grey:

Okay, I know this Aiden Grey Chair has NO Arms, but hey, it is so good looking, I had to include it. 
31"W x 36"D x 39"H

Cheers!  Have  a great day.  

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