Monogram Obsession: Leontine Linens

I have been obsessed with monograms for years  -- and monogram bedding is all the rage with every other catalogue store getting into the mix.  Despite the ubiquitous presence of the monogramed pillows on a bed, I  think this the classic look that will never truly go out of style (I have monogrammed pillow covers that I have had for 15 years).  Recently I attended a trunk show featuring Leontine Linens and I have to report that their products feel as good as good as they look -- gorgeous and beautifully made.  I think the monogrammed pillows are great, but I am not a huge fan of  large monograms on duvet covers and bedspreads. 

Leontine has both embroidered and appliqué monograms and trim, here is some of their lovely work:

                                                      Embroidered monograms:

Embroidered monogram with appliqué trim on the pillows.

Here is the very popular appliqué lettering:

What do you think?  Too trendy or one for the classics?

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