Fun Pillows from Studio Tullia on Etsy

Late one evening I was cruising around ETSY looking for shams and I happened upon a few stores that I just had to share.  Studiotullia was one such store, the pillows were lovely and the prices reasonable (or have I just spent too much time in NY?).  

22" Pillow cover $58 studio tullia  

22" Pillow cover $58 studio tullia  

22" Pillow cover $58 studio tullia  

Pair of Pillow covers,  14 x 20$80 studio tullia  

22" Pillow Cover ($110) in that Schumacher Chiang Mai Dragon print that everyone loves. 


  1. Just noticed your blog - checkout my facebook page for a 10% coupon to you and all readers.

    Thanks for finding my pillows. Glad you found your passion.

    Keep up the good work.