Beautiful Blue and Green Rooms by Ashley Whittaker

I think I must be the last person in America to get my copy of House Beautiful.  

The covergirl of the September issue of House Beautiful was Manhattan designer Ashley Whittaker.  Fresh, happy and youthful are some of the adjectives I would use to describe her rooms in the Greenwich Connecticut home that she designed.  Cool Blues, Greens and Greys  predominate the light and airy space.  Click here to see more of her work from an earlier post.

This month had so many terrific articles and photo shoots --- don't forget to get a copy, you won't be disappointed.   Just a short note about supporting your favorite domicile mags: please subscribe or buy them, if we don't support them, they won't be around with their fabulous staff and articles to fuel our addiction.  OK, now I'll get off my soap box. 

Interior Designer Ashley Whittaker via House Beautiful 9/12

Interior Designer Ashley Whittaker via House Beautiful 9/12

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  1. Just love the coffee table. It reminds me of the 1960's when the octagonal small tables and boxes had insets of ivory. Great design. thanks for the blue projects. I love all shades of blue and you take it to a new dimension