New Wallpaper from the Fabulous Meg Braff


If you have read enough of my posts then you will know I am a huge Meg Braff fan.  

I love her style: chic and upbeat, classic with a modern twist.  Her rooms have a wonderful layered quality: she has a brilliant eye and can mix patterns and texture and the result is always inspiring.  Meg also has a way of bringing a room to life with her extraordinary sense of color -- a talent which is clearly evident in her  fabulous wallpaper line put out by Meg Braff Designs (MBD).

Below is a sneak peak at a few of MBD's new wallpapers. Although not listed on her website yet, these are available for purchase through her store 516-801-4939 or megbraffdesigns@gmail.com .   I recently helped a friend choose a Meg Braff wallpaper for her bedroom "Tumtin" and I will post the pictures soon -- the quality of the paper must be seen to be appreciated -- they have a substance and rich quality to them that doesn't translate over the computer moniter. I love Menton, Un Reve de Chine and Forbidden City, but know that I will be using Nanking in the upcoming month.

Meg Braff Designs: Menton

Meg Braff Designs: Forbidden City, Green on Pewter, Horizontal Repeat 24" Vertical Repeat 18"
Meg Braff Designs:  Forbidden City; Chinese Coral, Horizontal Repeat 24" Vertical Repeat 18"

Meg Braff Designs: Nanking this is tan on cream
Meg Braff Designs: Un Reve de Chine


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