Martyn Lawrence Bullard

I am enjoying the decidedly Middle Eastern vibe from Martyn Lawrence Bullard's designs.  His rooms are  layered with Eastern accents, accessories and textiles.  He uses that Suzani pattern over and over to great advantage. His art choices are superb.  I think the blending of the Middle East and Far East make for an amazing and unique setting.  I love that he uses those hexagonal  Moroccan tables in so many of his designs. 

East and Middle East collide in a good way. Suzani pattern takes center stage on the sofa...Asian panel with Indian vases and Moorish styled fabrics. Love it.

Not only are the fabric choices amazing, but the screen and post impressionist painting are to die for...Love the overall warmth this space conveys

Bone or mother of pearl inlaid furniture? Antique brass lamp. Fur bedspread. Exquisite.

Moroccan Hexagon table and Suzani pattern on the curtains. Love.

Love the zebra pattern with the Moroccan table. Mid-century Hollywood Regency Vibe going on in a good way.  Beautifully balanced in every way.

Again, love the black and white Middle Eastern hexagon table with the zebra rug.  And the  trim on the sofa (which at first glade looks like nailhead) is to die for. Simple fireplace molding with built-in mirror. Love it.  

Blue suzani patterns on the pillow and window shades and with green secondary color.  Who doesn't love a green garden stool?

Love this Indian/Moorish influenced space. Gorgeous.

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