Asian vs.Greek Style Pelmets, Cornices and Lambrequins

Pelmets or lambrequins are upholstered treatments that sit atop of window to hide the top of a rod or shade  while giving  a little panache to your your window treatment. Pelmets can also sit atop a bed treatment and transform a bedroom. I have been thinking about incorporating Asian style pelmets (some people refer to them as upholstered cornice boards) and  lambrequins into a design or two and have been busy searching for design inspiration.   I also am really liking Greek-styled soft cornices as well; and between the two I can't decide which I prefer. A great place to get templates for these items is M'Fays -- I have used them for unusual cornices in the past, and the two illustrations below are from their site (click here).

Meg Braff and Asian Style Pelmets

These are fabulous Asian style pelments, but I must confess -- good thing I wasn't supervising the installation or I would have put them on the other way!  Billy Baldwin via Chinoiserie Chic and below is Diamond and Barratta

Love the curvy lines of these asian inspired pelmets which mimic the lines in the upholstered pieces.
Asian style pellet with a bell.
Cute preppy monogram upholstered cornice board.

Again, these look awesome and unique, but they seem upside-down.  But I guess if they were put the other way, they would look too much like a headboard.  

These are a little over the top with the black trim and monogram.
I have to admit, I am still obsessed with pagodas. Love these pelmets, by far my favorite shape.  Can't tell if those are nail heads or trim around the board.

Chintz and pagodas! That is definitely trim, and lots of it.

Pogoda style cornice/pelmet

Greek Key Fretwork soft cornice 

Love these greek-dental inspired pelments/cornices

Here is one in wood

Asian style on the window, pelmet on the bed

Only Ruthie Sommers would think to make this fabulous treatment  in the bathroom.

Another dental inspired plemet on the bed and window. Just darling for a little girls room

Greek Key trim

Beautiful Bed Pelmet,  Mary McDonald

So which do you prefer, Asian style or greek fretwork pelmets? 

Thanks for looking. 

Cheers and happy Friday!

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