Lilly Pulitzer's Chinoiserie Furniture

You have probably seen Lilly Pulitzer's line of Chinoiserie case goods and upholstered pieces -- I have not seen them in person so can't speak to their quality...but they are so nice looking that I thought I would share.  To see the details and the full offering head over to the website:  Lilly Pulitzer 

A plain white Amoire is almost impossible to find

Pretty canopy

This reminds me of the dresser offered by Williams Sonoma

Great Amoire...white is so hard to find...

This is a console, they have a similar coffee table

This coffee table is also offered in white.

TV Amoire -- very pretty.

Hello Chevron. Yummy Navy and Orange.


  1. The Lily Pulitzer furniture is very apppealing, and your blog has one interesting post after another. Meg Braff's store is memorable. There are some very nice design blogs, but yours covers an area of taste that seems under represented to me. I hope you keep it going for a long time to come.

    1. Hi Harrison, Thanks so much for your kind words -- I love blogging and I don't post as often as i'd like : )

    2. This is one heck of a site and the best posts, I will bookmark you.

    3. Thanks so much, I really appreciate your comment. Cheers!

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  3. I really appreciate your blog! I was scrolling down and was enjoying your every piece. The above images are so beautiful particularly the white pieces. I think, it can be great option in terms of home furnishing.