Tabletop Pagodas

I have been looking for just the right Pagodas for a dining room and thought I would share a few that I have stumbled upon -- the winner is either the Tozia Brass lanterns or the white ceramic lanterns below:

Pagoda Lantern by Tozia Home (Two's Company)

Dragon/Turtle Pagoda -- supposed to make a home strong and wealthy
Ebay Pagoda 13"
I thought I would throw in a Pagoda Mirror by Mirror Image


Distressed Green Pagoda www.thewellappointedhouse.com

Distressed red pagoda www.thewellappointedhouse.com

Horchow Pagodas

Ebay Ox Bone Pagoda

Neiman Marcus Ceramic Pagoda Lanterns 

OKL Pagoda...Love this, but at 20" it is too large for me...

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