Meg Braff host's Phoebe Howard for a book signing; photos of Meg Braff's Antique Store

On April 28th, 2012, Meg Braff hosted her friend Phoebe Howard for a book signing at her antique and design shop in Locust Valley, New York.  The event made for a lovely, laid back afternoon with some of Meg's favorite friends and clients who came to get their books signed by Mrs. Howard.  The gracious event was a smash -- everyone had a terrific time and had a chance to chat with both the charming Mrs. Howard and effervescent and inspiring Meg Braff.  The photos that follow the book signing are of Meg Braff's Store located at 92 Forest Avenue in Locust Valley, New York.

Phoebe Howard (left) with Meg Braff
Amal Kapen (left), Meg Braff (center) and Phoebe Howard

Meg Braff and Luis Callao
Phoebe Howard and Jeffrey Bilhuber

Pheobe Howard, Jeffrey Bilhuber and Meg Braff

Meg Braff and Friends

Meg Braff and Mary Snow

Doug Braff and Friend

Luis Callao and Lauren Moss


  1. love it Amal! can't wait to share that blueberry mojito @ Black & Blue! -- Liz

  2. Cocktails soon are a must! Yes to Mojitos! xoxo Amal