Green Rooms

What does green mean to you?  Currently it  is code for environmentally conscientious; but for women of my mother's generation, green was  associated with money (the go-go 80's) and for my grandparents generation, it usually meant a someone who was a novice (or fresh off the boat -- how un-PC of them).  

In decor, green is a great neutral -- I love it -- and House Beautiful agrees: they dedicated their 2012 March issue to "All About Green" decor. Of course, one of my favorite designers was featured, chinoiserie "it girl," Meg Braff.  I love chinoiserie -- it is just plain pretty, people like the style even if they are unfamiliar with the name.  Meg Braff is known for her sophisticated Palm Beach--meets Southern style meets--Park Avenue chinoiserie look. There are always Asian influences in her rooms, either the wallpaper, tables, chairs or accessories   -- the end product hits all the right notes -- while beautiful, her rooms are accessible and comfortable.  There were some other terrific designers featured, Fawn Galli, Katie Ridder to name a few, all using Green (or Blue-Green) in different and inspiring ways...

Meg Braff fabulous butler's pantry in Lattingtown, NY, she called a "little green jewel box" in March's 2012
 House Beautiful
Meg Braff: color on the wall is Benjamin Moore's "Lemon Freeze" via House Beautiful
Meg Braff via House Beautiful
Meg Braff via House Beautiful
 I love the chartreuse wing chair and accessories. Via House Beautiful
Meg Braff -- forest green velvet walls in the dining room

James Aman above (BM tasty apple), George Washington below (Fine Paints of Europe, Small Dining Room Green MV3)

A New York bedroom by Fawn Galli graced the March 2012 House Beautiful Cover
Fawn Galli
Fawn Galli in House Beautiful
Bunny Williams (BM Cleveland Green)

Katie Ridder

Frank De Biasi

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