Phoebe Howard

Phoebe Howard aka "Mrs. Howard" is a favorite decorator of mine and it just so happens that she has a relatively new book out, "The Joy of Decorating; Southern Style with Mrs. Howard," which I just received.  The book is inspiring in its beauty and simplicity -- it is unpretentious, just like her style.  Her mantra is "keep it pretty" and she is true to her word.  The book is arranged in chapters with numerous photographs which illustrate her style which she defines as: Inviting, Inspiring, Timeless, Graceful, Tranquil, Causal and Comfortable.  

This lush book epitomizes the grace and elegance of Southern interior design and starts out with an introduction that many of us can identify with -- she states that "when I reflect on how I happened upon [an interior decorating] career, I realize that I did not choose it. It choose me." Inspired by an Aunt who came to her rescue after her parents divorce, Mrs. Howard discovered the profound effect our environment can have on us -- to uplift and heal us. Her style is a testament that some people are just born with an innate sense of beauty and a gift to translate it into a practical, usable art.  It is astonishing that Phoebe Howard is completely self-taught and did not even work with another designer (except her architect husband).   Her book is beautiful  -- now I hope she makes it to Book Review in Huntington for a signing!  If you order it from her website she includes a list of her favorite paint colors -- just click here: Phoebe Howard's Book.

Here are some pictures from her website

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