More Art! Seascapes by Artist Lucelle Raad

Below are two 8x10 beachscapes that my mother, Lucelle Raad, painted for me for my birthday -- ooh I love them and am putting them in my bedroom.  They are acrylic on board.  Check out her paintings of kids on the beach at www.thewonderofchildren.com.  I just had to share them with you . . . now I have to find decent silver frames.
Lucelle Raad
Lucelle Raad 

The great thing about a lot of artists is they will modify their work to suit your tastes and make a painting personal.  For example, I sent these pictures to my mother and she painted them for me -- if you have a particular beach in mind and have a good quality photo, my mother would paint it for you -- and if you had a certain number of kids you wanted to add, she would do that too.  The thing is, you just need to ask and the artist would do it, probably for not much more than it would cost to have a generic "off the easel" work.  Real art is within reach -- these 8 x 10s go for around $500 each (with figures).

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