Elkins Loop Chair Hi/Lo

The newly introduced Bungalow 5 Loop Chair ($772 Retail)

That iconic loop chair that I love has just become more accessible.  Bunglow 5 has come out with a version of the chair that will retail for $772.50.   Sometimes these chairs have 4 loops, sometimes they have 8, but regardless of the number of loops, both versions are smashing.

The Elkins Loop Chair is named for legendary 20th century decorator Frances Adler Elkins who reproduced these chairs based on an 18th Century version she found on her travels.  Elkins loop chairs are darlings of designers like Meg Braff and Miles Redd who have used these chairs in a few of their projects.  Until now, really the only places to find then were 1st Dibs, Dering Hall or C. Bell -- but Bungalow 5 has come out with a version that will retail for 750 ($900 for the arm chair).  Noir also makes a version which I found at Charlotte and Ivy for $547, but these come one way: black with a set fabric seat.  While I love that these chairs will be available at a great price, part of me is kind of sad as  they will probably be seen everywhere and loose some of their cachet.  What do you think?

Frances Elkins’ Loop Chairs in the Wheeler House via The Magazine Antiques  (reposted  with thanks from Circa Who)

CIRCA 1770 chairs via The Magazine Antiques
(reposted with thanks to Circa Who)

Pair of Frances Elkins Chairs, 1st Dibs, $2900

Frances Elkins Loop Chair reproduction from C. Bell $1,250

Noir Loop Chair from Charlotte and Ivy, $559 (Black only, No COM)

Meg Braff in her office

Meg Braff's Palm Beach Apartment
Ruthie Sommers uses a great Quadrille fabric on these Elkins Loop chairs

Danielle Rollins Atlanta House designed by Miles Redd (courtesy of Veranda)


Matchbook and CeCe Barfield Thompson

Have you seen the  fun online lifestyle magazine "Matchbook" -- very fun... Definitely worth a look.  This month the charming CeCe Barfield Thompson is featured on the cover and you have to see her great style!

CeCe is from Dallas, Texas and works as a Junior Decorator to the fabulous Bunny Williams. She also has her own lifestyle blog, The Decophile, which features design advice, gift ideas and great recipes. CeCe graduated with a degree in art history from NYU and then moved on to study interior design at Pratt Institute in New York City, where she currently lives.  The photos below are of her NYC pad.  Love the bed!
CeCe Barfield Thompson's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine


Hi Lo Slipper Chair

In my quest to find the perfect slipper chair I have run across a bargain from Wisteria and I had to share.  The Wisteria chair is followed by a super cheap option from Wayfair (I still can't imagine how they get it made and shipped from China to your door for $185 plus tax). 

My personal favorite slipper chairs have low slung backs and just a little leg showing like the two from Ventry and Oomph.

I have also tacked on the exception to less is more in the leg department and included the faux bamboo base from Hickory Chair, the "Kit Chair" and the super low slung Tony Duquette chair from Baker.

The Bargains 

Wisteria Slipper Chair, 25"w x 35.5"d x 34.25"h, $799

Super Affordable

A really low priced option is this one from Wayfair, but the fabric is what you see, not a lot of options.

Wayfair Slipper Chair, 35"h, 26"w, 27.5"d; $184 and free shipping

The Standard Bearer:
Ventry, Ltd., Billy Baldwin Slipper Chair
Billy Baldwin Small Slipper Chair, size: 18”W x 27”D x 29”OAH

 Oomph, looks very close to the Ventry chair

Oomph Slipper Chair,  29" H x 26" D x 18" W, $1305

 Good Looking (but NOT cheap) Options:

Kit Chair, Hickory Chair
By the way, I have always had a soft spot in my heart for this slipper chair from Hickory Chair even though there is a lot going on....
HIckory Chair, Kit Chiar, 36.25"h x 23.25"w x 27.5"d.

 It is fully customizable...
Kit Chair, photo from Bearhill Interiors


Happy New Year!!


Wishing you and your loved ones peace, health, happiness and prosperity in the coming New Year.

It is the Chinese year of the horse and apparently purple, blue and gray are lucky colors for the coming year.  The painting below the one that got away from me at auction last year... May 2014 be a winning year for you.

"New Year's Day is now the accepted time to make your regular annual resolutions.  Next week you can begin paving hell with them as usual."    

                          -- Mark Twain

Ha!  That will be me. 


Are You Ready to Get Your Purple On?

Again, Pantone picked a color of the year without calling me. Geez.  Radiant Orchid -- a warmish purple color that is closer to mauve than eggplant.  Oh please let it not be as popular as mauve in the 80s, or I am going to hang up my decorating hat for good as I am still traumatized by visions of mica, mauve and grey rooms rattling around in my head.  My aversion to lavender may also be due to the fact that I overdosed on purple in 8th grade when I wore nothing other that this color for a year.  It was the equivalent of eating a box of Twinkies and never touching them again.

Despite my lack of love for radiant orchid, I am helping Meg Braff put together a room with curtains and beds with fabric close in color to Pantone's pick  -- it does look really pretty (as usual the talented Ms. Braff knocks it out of the park) -- but please do not ask me to do more than a sprinkling of any shade of purple outside the boudoir:   An eggplant Spitzmiller lamp, purple throw or even an Quadrille upholstered chair is my absolute max.  That said, here are some images/items that may help you get your purple on:
Purple and blue and yellow room by Alex Papachristidis, Photographer: Tria Giovan. Note the lovely valance on the window.
A little deeper than Radiant Orchid, but they are Christopher Spitzmiller AP Alex lamps

Radiant Orchid Ovo Table Lamp, Lamps Plus $99
Liza Calhoun Pulitzer also a little bluer than the mauvish Radiant Orchid.

Here we go, closer to the Pantone color.   Pick this up here, from Cabana Home $270

Agate Coasters from West Elm $59

Hmm, I think this was one of those HGTV specials make over your room in a day, but I cannot remember who the decorator was... Anyone? One purple lamp Spitzmiller(?) and a throw.

Quadrille, Henriot Floral fabric

Jeffery Bilhuber uses Henriot floral on a chair-- gosh he does everything with aplomb.


China Seas, Raffles Reverse

 Here are some images form Lindsey Coral Harper from the Cathedral Antique Show Inspiration house in Atlanta in 2012. . . Shout out to Julie from Belle Maison for running a story on this room and directing me to Ms. Harper's website.  The paint color as Julie notes, is Mulberry by Benjamin Moore (2075-20), if you want to run out and get it.
Lindsey Coral Harper

Lindsey Coral Harper

Meg Braff, Up a Tree Wallpaper

Savafieh Palmer  Ottoman $250


Home Bar Essentials

Its party time! With New Year's Eve approaching fast and furiously, I thought I would share my bar essential check list before that last minute run to the liquor store...

Bar Tools

Bottle Opener                                    Coasters                                                Jigger
Bar Spoons                                        Cocktail Shaker                                    Muddle
Champagne Bucket                           Cocktail Stirrers                                    Paring Knife
Corkscrew                                         Cocktail Napkins  (cloth)                      Serving Tray 
                                                          Ice Bucket  & Tongs
5. Serving Tray from 1stdibs
6. Stainless Steel Bar Tools Set...$89.95 (sans the muddle)


When glasses are concerned, I really think you can get away with Martini, Old Fashioned, Highball, Brandy, Champagne and Red & White Wine Glasses...



How you stock your bar should reflect the preferences of the primary tenders:  My husband is a scotch drinker and I love champagne cocktails. . . The brands below were selected because we like them or we they are favs of our friends and family...

Type                                                What's in My Liquor Cabinet 

Bourbon Whisky                                                                Six & Twenty;  Makers Mark
Champagne                                                                        Veuve Clicquot
Gin                                                                                     Bombay; Tanqueray
Rum                                                                                   Bacardi
Scotch                                                                                Johnnie Walker Black
Tequila                                                                               Patrone 
Vermouth                                                                           Cinzano;  Martini (dry & sweet) 
Vodka                                                                                Grey Goose; Smirnoff 
Wine                                                                                  Lots and often
Fancy Liqueurs --                                                              Chambord, Pernod, St. Germain,                                                                    
                                                                                           Bailey's, Kahlua, Grand Marnier

Garnishes & Mixers

This all depends on what you are serving, but for a good mix, don't forget the following:

Sugar Cubes
Fruit Drinks (OJ, Cranberry)
Soft Drinks
Club Soda
Water (still & sparkling)