Before and After Bungalow Living Room

  A little paint goes a long way…This 1939 Bungalow was dark and dreary.   Too much wood, a drab and uninspired monochromatic color scheme and not enough upholstery made this room cold and uninviting.  But with a little Benjamin Moore paint (Horizon 1478), some new Brunschwig fabric and a few other tweaks; presto --  a new room (well almost).

I am a big fan of skirted upholstered pieces like the settee above, it helps ground the room in tandem with a floor covering.  Bruschwig Shishi (below) was my inspiration for the room and the jumping off point: I love green and blue and I have to restrain myself from using too much of it. 


Markham Roberts Book Signing

Markham Roberts is one of my favorite living decorators and will probably go down as one of the greatest interior designers of his generation.  That is why I would not miss his appearance in Locust Valley for a book signing on October 2nd and neither should you!

If you are in the area, please visit Meg Braff Antiques and Decorations in Locust Valley on October 2nd -- some time between 5-7pm -- where you can meet the great Markham Roberts.  The added bonus is that many of the decorating stores in Locust Valley will be open for visitors, so you can meet Markham, shop, mingle and drink wine. All good.


NY NOW Gift Show Trends 2014

John Robshaw Prints

Happy Labor Day Weekend!  August is not just the time for fun and sun, but also the time for vendors to share their newest items at the New York Gift Show (recently renamed, "NY NOW").

On a very hot day in August, I took a whirlwind trip through the Javis Center with my designer friend Meg Braff perusing the latest in accessories and furnishing.  We were moving so fast that I didn't get all the photos I wanted…but here are a few that I snapped.

Although plum is the pantone color of 2014, I really saw a lot more of orange and blue than usual and not a lot of purple. Here is what else I noticed:
  • Rattan chairs and accessories were bigger then ever. 
  • Gold/Brass is still trending.
  • Lucite is still popular (although paired with brass).
  • I saw a lot more color and not as much gray as in past years -- but gray is still around.
  • Color! Blues, orange, pink, teal and lime...
  • Regarding patterns for textiles, there were two that predominated in my mind --  Indian block prints and geometric patterns -- especially honeycomb, octagonal or hexagonal shapes.  It seemed every vendor had Indian block prints.
  • Hexagonal shapes also made their way from textiles to case goods with Noir and Modern History (among others not pictured here) showcasing new "honeycomb" or hexagonal tables and bookcases.
But you savvy reader are probably well aware of these trends and are probably thinking it's now time to abandon them completely…

There were so many Indian prints that I joked we might have well have called the NY NOW show the "John Robshaw Show"

John Robshaw

Faux Bois and Geometric placemats

Bunny Williams Fabulous new rugs for Dash and Albert

Jonathan Adler
bungalow 5
Sorry, I am not a fan of this console.

 Some Interesting Art (Blue/Indigo Abstract Prints)


Happy Friday!  Hope you are enjoying a wonderful summer!


Meg Braff and Lenox Hill Showhouse

Everything at the showhouse is for sale at www.megbraffdesigns.com
or visit her amazing store at 92 Forest Ave, Locust Valley,  New York
I have been busy at work at Meg Braff's "apartment" at the Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse at the W Residences.  It was my first showhouse and really fun to do (especially if you love hard work!).

If you are in the New York area please visit  123 Washington Street, New York #55G:   It opens this Friday.

Meg Braff is wonderful to work with: she has great ideas, incredible vision, is super talented and is wonderful about collaborating.  I have been working my tail off with the whole MBD team for the past 5 weeks (yes, we did it in 5 weeks!) to get it together and and we couldn't be happier.  Most of the items in the space are vintage or custom designed.  For example, the headboard is pagoda inspired and most of the fabrics are custom colored from Meg's Philip Graf archives in her yet to be debuted Meg Braff Designs Fabrics Collection.

Here is a little about the inspiration for the Showhouse:

Meg Braff’s apartment showhouse is a tribute to one of her favorite inspirations: James Mont and his brand of Hollywood mid-Century design.   
James Mont was a notorious, flamboyant, mid-century New York based interior and furnishing designer whose client rolls included gangsters Lucky Luciano, movie stars Bob Hope and Lana Turner as well as composer Irving Berlin.  Mont had a red hot temper and was regarded as a scoundrel, but also a design genius. His work was rarely photographed and all that we have left of his legacy are his lavish and unique furnishings.

Mont’s design aesthetic was dramatic: it included lacquered pieces, exotic finishes, smoked mirrors, lots of gilt and silver and over the top Asian motifs.  Mont's mark on mid-century decorations, his exotic sense of style and relentless self-promotion made Asian-style modernism popular.  Meg chose Mont as her inspiration in this space so as to showcase her attraction to exotic modernism and highlight her fabulous reinvented mid-century fabrics and wallcoverings.
To read more about James Mont, click here.

The showhouse opens this Friday, May 16th! Don't miss it!
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff. Headboard is custom "Nanking"; Bedbase is "Menton"
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff. Meg Braff grasscloth on walls
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff
Lenox Hill Hospital Showhouse 2014, Meg Braff 

Meg Braff Designs "York",  Split Pea on Linen

Meg Braff Designs, "Forbidden City" Green, Brown and Yellow on Silk. 


Elkins Loop Chair Hi/Lo

The newly introduced Bungalow 5 Loop Chair ($772 Retail)

That iconic loop chair that I love has just become more accessible.  Bunglow 5 has come out with a version of the chair that will retail for $772.50.   Sometimes these chairs have 4 loops, sometimes they have 8, but regardless of the number of loops, both versions are smashing.

The Elkins Loop Chair is named for legendary 20th century decorator Frances Adler Elkins who reproduced these chairs based on an 18th Century version she found on her travels.  Elkins loop chairs are darlings of designers like Meg Braff and Miles Redd who have used these chairs in a few of their projects.  Until now, really the only places to find then were 1st Dibs, Dering Hall or C. Bell -- but Bungalow 5 has come out with a version that will retail for 750 ($900 for the arm chair).  Noir also makes a version which I found at Charlotte and Ivy for $547, but these come one way: black with a set fabric seat.  While I love that these chairs will be available at a great price, part of me is kind of sad as  they will probably be seen everywhere and loose some of their cachet.  What do you think?

Frances Elkins’ Loop Chairs in the Wheeler House via The Magazine Antiques  (reposted  with thanks from Circa Who)

CIRCA 1770 chairs via The Magazine Antiques
(reposted with thanks to Circa Who)

Pair of Frances Elkins Chairs, 1st Dibs, $2900

Frances Elkins Loop Chair reproduction from C. Bell $1,250

Noir Loop Chair from Charlotte and Ivy, $559 (Black only, No COM)

Meg Braff in her office

Meg Braff's Palm Beach Apartment
Ruthie Sommers uses a great Quadrille fabric on these Elkins Loop chairs

Danielle Rollins Atlanta House designed by Miles Redd (courtesy of Veranda)


Matchbook and CeCe Barfield Thompson

Have you seen the  fun online lifestyle magazine "Matchbook" -- very fun... Definitely worth a look.  This month the charming CeCe Barfield Thompson is featured on the cover and you have to see her great style!

CeCe is from Dallas, Texas and works as a Junior Decorator to the fabulous Bunny Williams. She also has her own lifestyle blog, The Decophile, which features design advice, gift ideas and great recipes. CeCe graduated with a degree in art history from NYU and then moved on to study interior design at Pratt Institute in New York City, where she currently lives.  The photos below are of her NYC pad.  Love the bed!
CeCe Barfield Thompson's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine

CeCe Barfield's NYC apartment via Matchbook Magazine